Skin is the Vital & largest sensory organ of the human body. Your skin give you the beautiful impact to your personality especially face (facial) skin.

Dr. Bhavasr's Cosmetic Clinic offers you total care of your skin by the cosmetic point of view ; with personal attention, selected gold standard medicine for your treatment, his own developed & manufactured cosmetic product; latest modern machinery including Lasers electro cautary etc; While doing cosmetic treatment thorough medical checkup of your body will be done with necessary investigations to find out the exact cause of your skin problem & plan the cosmetic line of treatment.

Following treatment are available in the clinic according to skin type,

Anti Acne Treatment

  • Melasma Therapy
  • (Due to sunburn, suntaining etc)
  • Treatment for excessive dry skin
  • Treatment for hyperpmentaion
  • Treatment for excessive oily skin

Anti Ageing Therapy

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peeling
  • Laser for hair removal
  • Non surgical face uplifting
  • Electro surgery therapy for warts & tags
  • Post Acne scars
  • Skin whitening therapy
  • Laser for resurfacing & Sun-surfacing
  • Treatment for hirsutism
  • Botox fillers & IAL
  • Treatment for freckle, wrinkles
  • Treatment for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation- e.g. following burns, other injuries/ wounds, skin rashes, post acne etc.
  • Treatment for cosmetic skin : disorders due to Nutrional Deficiencies- but- B12 deficiency, anemia, vitamin-A deficiency, scurry etc.
  • Treatment for drug Induced hyperpmentaion: ex- Antiepileptics, Antimalerials, Chemotherapy, fixed drug eruption etc.
  • & we will try to give you new & latest treatment time to time.
  • Dr. Bhavsar cosmetic clinic - gives you -all types of allopathic treatment, Vitamin, Mineral, antibiotic- SOS) all types of Ayurvedic (herbal) treatment- including panchakarma- etc. to gives you Healthy, beautiful skin without unwanted side effects support & applied yoga.


Good Hair is very important part of human being personality,It's gives you attractive & good look. Shiny, silky with good volume hair is the symptoms of the good health.

Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic offers you total care of your hair,providing you all latest treatment ex-laser, new modern machines, modern medicine, ayurvedic herbal medicine, proper diet with personal attention, like skin for hair treatment detail history regarding your health with medical checkup including necessary investigation important while Doing hair treatment.

Following treatment are available according hair problems & conditions.

Hair Problems & Treatments

  1. Complete treatment of the early graying of the hair.
  2. Complete treatment of early baldness.
  3. Complete treatment of early massive hair loss.
  4. Treatment for Hypertrichosis (Excessive growth of hair).
  5. Complete dandruff (pityriasis capitis/simplex/furfuracea) treatment according to grade (I grade-mild, II grade-moderate, III grade-severe).
  6. A complete treatment for following hair shaft disorders.
    • Monilethrix(beading of hair)
    • Pilitorti(twisting of hair)
    • Trichorhexis Nodosa( nodes in the hair)
    • Trichoptilosis(splitting of the hair shaft)
    • Pili annulati(kinged hair)- Ringed
    • Graying of hair ( canities) - (premature)
    • Hair colour changes due to drugs.
    • Hair colour changes due to nutritional deficiency.
    • Accidental hair discolouration.
  7. Baldness
    • Male pattern Baldness.
    • Female pattern Baldness.
  8. Alopecia Areata
  9. Special hair treatment for side effect of colouring.
  10. Hair hydrating therapy.
  11. Hair protein therapy( Keratin therapy) for his shaft repair & damaged hair as a result of strengthening of hair, excessive colouring of hair.
  12. Hair volume & elasticity enhancement protein mask therapy.
  13. Special diet advice for proper nutrition of the hair ( nutritional therapy) to keep your hair healthy.

Dr.Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic gives you above all treatment without unwanted side effects.


Obesity is a big recurring problem especially in metropolitan city like Mumbai, Thane.Obesity reduces your life by 20 years and also decrease the quality of the life. Weight control ia an important issue in the fitness industry.

Obesity is a significant health problem and affects longenity. Obesity not only affects appearance and impairs physical capabilities but can cause serious health problem such as heart diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, excessive wear of joint etc. It is also related to mental problems like depression, withdrawal, low self-esteem & self-pity. obese people are more prone to lifestyle-releated. diseases compare to normal weight people.

Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic offers you to maintain the weight according your height, age and further advice you to maintain the weight. By calculating your BMI, BMR, T.E.F., physical actvity, T.E.E Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic gives you special diet plan(including all types of food-veg & non veg) according to your calculation.

Along with diet exercise-like

  • Anaerobic
  • Aerobic
  • Stretching
  • New modern machine teartment

Will be suggested. Patient those who need medicine( Ayurvedic, modern medicine will be given by Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic - to reduce, maintain & gain the weight.)

Applied Yoga is one of the good option will be suggested to patient for physical and mental health. Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic aim is to reduce body weight by reducing excessive body fats; not by L.B.M. that is lean body mass(i.e. bone mass, internal organs, blood, connective tissue and muscle) its called Healthy Weight Reduction. Because crash diet program usually lose muscles istead of fat and over 90% of these people are gained weight with in few weeks and many gain more fat than before dieting.

Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic is the place where you get proper diet, exercise, yoga, medicine to reduce, maintain and gain the weight. To make you healthy wealthy and fit.


'आरोग्यम् धन संपदा'(Your Health is Your Real Prosperity).


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