About Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic

What We Are...?

Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic is a integrated cosmetic clinic where you can get all types of integrated treatments for Skin, Hair, & Obesity problems for cosmetic purpose.
In Thane this is a one of the integrated cosmetic treatment center which full fills patients all expectations, because his motto is make you beautiful Externally & Internally.
Dr. Bhavsar's Cosmetic Clinic is the place where you get proper diet, exercise, yoga, medicine to reduce, maintain and gain the weight. To make you healthy wealthy and fit.

'आरोग्यम् धन संपदा'(Your Health is Your Real Prosperity).

Who We Are...?

Dr. Nitin Bhavsar

  • Cosmetologist.
  • Trichologist.
  • General Physician & Surgeon, Obesity Consultant.
  • Passed B.A.M.S (Supplemented by modern system of medicine) its a integrated course in 1989.
  • From Mumbai university & stood first in collage (Sion) (Mumbai)
  • State Govt. of Maharashtra selected him as a E.S.I.S Panel Doctor for minimum 1000 patient.
  • Passed D.Y.ED. (yoga) in year 2005.
  • P.G.D.M.L.S (Medico legal advisor) passed in May 2010.
  • Passed three diplomas simultaneously 1. Trichology 2. Cosmetology 3. Obesity management from tulip international (Affiliated to G.C.T.A- Australia) Practicing successfully since 25 years in thane.
  • He already Treated & cured lots of Skin, hair related Cosmetic problems by his unique integrated treatment.
  • Additionally as a cosmetology, Trichologist Obesity consultant & his qualifications he is already started giving good result to the patient those who are suffering from various cosmetic problem (Skin, Hair and Obesity) by his latest modern treatment & integrated medicine treatment.
  • In Thane this is a one of the integrated cosmetic treatment center which full fills patients all expectations, because his motto is make mean beautiful Externally & Internally.

Mrs. Pranita Bhavsar

  • Personal attention and well management of cosmetic clinic since 3 years.



Skin Treatment

Skin is the Vital & largest sensory organ of the human body. Your skin give you the beautiful impact to your personality especially face(facial) skin.


Hair Treatment

Good Hair is very important part of human being personality, it gives you attractive & good look. Shiny, silky with good volume hair is the symptoms of the good health.


Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a big recurring problem especially in metropolitan city like Mumbai, Thane. Obesity reduces your life by 20 years and also decrease the quality of the life.


Now Multiple options are available under one roof,

All types of Lasers:
Q-switch, N.D. yag, Diode etc.

All Cosmetic treatment:
Face thread uplifting & peeling, Microdermabrasion, hair & tattoo removal, stem cell etc.

Specially formulated ayurvedic treatment:
For prevention, care and maintenance of Skin, Hair & Obesity,

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